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Welcome to the AP Teacher Community. This is your community -- a free website for AP teachers to collaborate, share resources, and discuss all things AP. All educators interested in sharing best practices for teaching college-level work in a high school setting are welcome to participate.

Ready to Become a Member of the AP Teacher Community?

If you are an AP teacher and have completed the course audit you are already a member of this community!  Simply select the community you wish to join on the Community Homepage and sign in with your College Board Education Professional account. This is the same username and password that you use to access the AP Course Audit or Online Score Reports.

Not an AP teacher or haven't completed the course audit? If you are an AP teacher who has not yet completed the course audit, follow the steps below to join the Community.

Step 1: Ensure you have a College Board Education Professional Account

Educators and Community members without an existing Education Professional Account:

If you are new to teaching AP or working with the College Board, you can create an Education Professional account.

College Board provides Education Professional accounts for educators who use our online applications and services. This is the same username and password you will use to access the AP Course Audit or Online Score Reporting.

Step 2: Select the Community You Wish to Join

Select the community you wish to join on the Community Homepage. We currently support teachers in all AP courses as well as AP coordinators in 32 communities. 

Sign in to the community with your Education Professional username and password. You will be asked for information to confirm you are an education professional. Once the moderator has reviewed your request, you will receive an email confirming your membership. The next time you sign in to the community, you will be able to view discussions, share resources, and interact with other community members.

Get Active in Your Community

Complete your profile.

  • Click on your name to fill out your profile page with professional information you wish to share in your bio. This enables AP teachers in your local area or with similar backgrounds to easily find and connect with you.

Join the discussion

  • View the latest discussion threads on the homepage or browse by category on the Discussion Boards page. Engage with your peers on the curriculum framework, assessments, instruction, and best teaching practices for your AP course.
  • Keep up to date on your favorite discussions by subscribing to updates. You'll get an email update whenever there's a new post.

Explore the Resource Library

  • Visit the library of resources created by teachers, for teachers. Whether you're looking for recommended classroom-ready resources, student project ideas, lesson plans, texts, audio files, or online learning tools, the Resource Library is a great place to start.

Share your own best-practice resources.

  • Share materials you've developed yourself, or recommend publicly available resources to help your community. Be sure you have the rights to share anything you post and that it meets our Terms of Use guidelines.

Browse the Curriculum Framework

  • Share strategies and resources with your colleagues on how to best implement the curriculum in the classroom.

Connect with your peers

  • Look for colleagues you've met in person or know through the electronic discussion groups, and add them to your network so you can see when they share resources or post a discussion thread.

The following guidelines have been established to ensure all members benefit from a productive professional learning community.

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