Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the AP Teacher Community?

    The AP Teacher Community is a resource-sharing and professional networking website that connects education professionals throughout the United States and around the world. Educators can connect, share, and discuss best practices for teaching Advanced Placement courses.

  • Q: Why was the AP Teacher Community created?

    The community website was developed in response to educator requests for an improved online tool for connecting with AP colleagues and peers. In particular, this website allows teachers to engage in organized, on-topic discussions and to share and rate effective instructional resources.

  • Q: What features does the AP Teacher Community website offer?

    The AP Teacher Community offers:

    • A searchable database of resources, lesson plans, and classroom materials
    • Discussion and Comments areas to facilitate conversations with peers
    • Easy uploading process for adding resources to the Resource Library and alignment to Curriculum Framework
    • Personal profile pages, including professional bio, allowing connection with other teachers
    • Ability to save resources to your personal library
    • Daily or weekly email digests, customizable to include a variety of community activities such as new resources and ongoing discussions
  • Q: What role does the College Board play in the AP Teacher Community?

    The College Board is providing the platform for AP community members to connect with their peers, and has supplied some College Board–recommended resources for the resource library. Day-to-day activity within the community is in the hands of community members and the community moderator. All discussions, comments, and community member contributions to the site represent opinions and thoughts of the contributors and may or may not be consistent with views, opinions, or positions of the College Board. Discussions and resource postings will be moderated to remove inappropriate or offensive content.

  • Q: Does this site replace AP Central or AP Course Audit?

    No, the AP Teacher Community does not replace AP Central or AP Course Audit. This site is a community, designed to facilitate discussion, resource sharing, and to provide support using the redesigned Curriculum Frameworks.

    Core course information, sample questions, and other AP Program official information about courses and exams still can be found on AP Central.

    You still submit your syllabus, look at sample syllabi, and complete the course audit on the AP Course Audit site.

    For details about the upcoming and ongoing course changes, visit Advances in AP.

  • Q: How is the AP Teacher Community website different from other teacher sites?

    This community provides an online collaboration space specifically for AP teachers and any educators interested in sharing resources and strategies related to Advanced Placement. The AP Teacher Community is free and combines a database of user-contributed and AP-reviewed resources, course curriculum framework information, and discussion boards. The site provides AP education professionals a central online space for discussion, collaboration, and networking.