Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: I am not familiar with my College Board Education Professional username and password. Are there other applications that I might be using this for?

    Yes, the College Board Professional account is also used with the AP Online Score Reports, AP Course Audit, and AP Ordering. Additionally, this same account was used with AP Central, before the sign in was removed in 2008.

  • Q: I can't remember if I already have a College Board Education Professional account. How can I find out?

    You can find out if you have an existing account by going here. Once there you can answer a few questions that will send you an email with your username, if an account exists.

  • Q: I know I already have a College Board Professional Account, but it's not accepting my password. What should I do?

    To reset your password you can go here. There, you can give your username and answer a few questions to send an email to the address associated with the account, that will allow you to reset your password.

    If you have gone through the steps and have not received the email, please call College Board customer service at (703) 297-3963, where you will speak to a representative who can assist you.

  • Q: I've already submitted by syllabus for AP Course Audit, why do I still need to request membership into the community?

    We use AP Course audit authorization information to determine if you are given immediate access to the community. While you may have submitted your syllabus, until it has been processed and approved we cannot grant immediate access. However, by electing to ‘Join Now' from your community's home page you will send a request to the moderator, who reviews and processes these requests in a timely manner.